Blue Dog Turns Two!

Hello there,

November 29th, 2021 marks two years of trading for Blue Dog Cranes and personally, I couldn’t be prouder.

I want to thank everyone that has supported us, whether it be through crane hire, referrals, purchasing merchandise or various other ways one can support our business, our family. We have had a massive year and we have a lot to celebrate.

#1 – Business and team achievements

First, I want to take a moment to shine a limelight on our business and personal achievements within the team as we feel like the growth has been substantial. Probably our most celebrated achievement has been the purchase of the LTM1060 from German, not only has the crane changed our offering to our customers but we have been able to move into a bigger headquarters in Coolaroo. The few months leading up to the crane acquisition were bumpy with a deal falling through and securing finance at the time was challenging with what the world was going through. The day we picked up the new Liebherr was extremely exciting (and nerve racking), Bens Dad dropped us off and even Pacey came to check it out. Ben and I haven’t been able to spend much time together since the business has been in full steam so it was one of our proudest and most cherished moments to be able to drive it back to the yard together. The team has also grown in the past year, with Nathan now mastering operation of the 7T truck mount and has taken the reins with the Liebherr LICCON Software, ensuring we are offering the best option of lift study for our customers. Darcy has also stepped up into operating and is working hard at his Franna operating and Newy completed his C6 training during the year.

#2 – Teamwork and playing into our strengths

I am continually impressed by the Blue Dog team spirit and how we all work together. I am very aware that I am the newest to the crane industry in our team but the guys and gals are always 100% supportive when I ask for help, and they are all very open to helping each other with discussions about crane suitability and the like. In preparation for the delivery of the 60T crane Ben started to train me in his old role (bookings, customer communications, scheduling etc). Although at times the new role can be stressful, I love the satisfaction I feel in contributing to the business. I love the role because not only do I get to speak with our great customers everyday, but I get to witness just how well our team works together. Our team is agile and versatile, I guess not dissimilar to our fleet.

#3 – Commitment to our Customer Service

Even as we grow we have managed to stay true to our mission and ethos. A large part of this is based on bilateral success, if our customers do well, then so do we, and staying true to our customer first approach allows us all to thrive. Site inspections and pre-lift planning are still an integral part of why we do well and communication with customers at every step enables a smoother lift day. Sometimes there are things that can’t be helped, like late deliveries and weather but if all the planning has been done before hand at least the team knows the task at hand when it is “go time”.

Celebrating 2-years may not mean much to some, but there are a number of moving parts to our business and I feel proud that we have been able to lay a really good foundation to continue to build on. The brand has been fortunate to have the visionary of Ben behind it, he is undoubtedly the backbone of the success. Thank you Ben for trusting me to take the reins in this crazy industry we work in, I look forward to seeing where another year takes us, how we grow and evolve.


– Samantha Ind