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I think a big part of the blue dog culture and everything we do is, if we’re told we can’t do it, we’ll do it.

We started Blue Dog Cranes on 29th of November 2019 and that was the same month the first case of COVID hit the world, so straight away we were like, what have we done?

I believe a large part of our success so far has been because Ben had such a strong mission, vision and ethos, straight from the word go. Ben wanted to create a business where we were different because we were safety first and we really meant it. We were family first and we really meant it and we were training first and making the industry a better place. Out on site he wouldn’t ask the boys to do anything he wouldn’t do himself and so I think that’s really important. It’s an age old thing but it’s very important to blue dog claims because some days are really shitty and some days are really fun and I think when they all work together that’s when the success is born.

Bi-lateral success is key to everything we do. If our customers aren’t successful, if our staff aren’t successful, if our suppliers aren’t successful then we’re not going to be successful.

The only way to make this industry better and the only way to grow this industry is if we all work on it together.


I’m Nathan. I’ve been a Blue Dog for almost three years. I started off as one of Ben’s first trainees.

I think we’re different because of our mentality and the values that Ben’s instilled in the business. One of that being the fact that we look at 90% of the jobs we do which helps the customer overcome challenges before they arise.


G’day, my name’s Josh. Everyone just calls me Newy though. I’ve been working with Blue Dog for two years now. The effort that Ben and the other senior guys at the company go to, to teach you a lot on site rather than just ignoring you. An operator can see what’s going on all the time and sometimes they just ignore the doggy, but it’s good that our operators will explain what’s going on and how you can improve.


I feel confident that we are doing what we said we were going to do within our circle of influence. I think that because we put such a strong weighting on training and experience and making sure everyone’s confident out on site, if we’re told we can’t do it, we’ll do it.

We’ll find a solution and it’ll work for everyone.