Introducing Samantha…

Hi there, Samantha Ind here, Ben’s wife.

Ben is the front man, the man about town of the Blue Dog business but after 8-months I thought it was about time that I jumped in front of the camera and said hello. Now just a little bit about me… I have over 15-years experience in logistics, I’ve run events all over the world, including in the entertainment MECCA, Las Vegas. There is a unique set of challenges that come with running an event overseas from your home country, only to land in the city a couple of days before the welcoming speech. BUT, the experience is where the riches come from and I find it really cool to be able to apply the last 15-years of ups and downs to Blue Dog Cranes.

The bottom line is that I bring order into the business. I help Ben very heavily on the preparation of jobs to ensure we are running smoothly on the day, from taking bookings to crane suitability conversations, to timing and logistics.

Check out all the videos of the “UNPACKING OUR MISSION AND ETHOS where I break down the key elements of our business and how we apply them to the day-to-day running of Blue Dog Cranes. We have a certain way, or flare in which we achieve things and the videos unpack what makes us unique, what makes us BLUE DOG.

Call Ben on 0410 731 163 to discuss your crane needs, or email Samantha info [@]