Blue Dog Cranes is proud to be able to talk so openly about our mission and ethos. We strive to always be transparent and honest with our customers and partners.


We have a Blue Dog way. Ben and I are very passionate about all our team members taking on lifts in a safe, uniformed, and consistent manner. We rely heavily on the experience of our older staff in Josh and Ken to guide and mentor and teach the young people the correct way. That is what it was like when Ben started with Associated Mobile Cranes many years ago. The older guys weren’t scared that they were going to lose their jobs to the young pups so they would take the time out onsite to mentor and teach them how to use the equipment properly. Teach them how to do things the correct way, so they would be better for the industry going forward. We are dedicated at Blue Dog Cranes to maintaining a high level of skilled staff but also giving young people the tools to go out there and take on the industry.


Ben from Blue Dog Cranes here. Over the last 4-weeks, you have met my gorgeous wife Samantha as she pulled apart our ethos and mission. She has talked to you about safety, staff communication, bilateral success, and training.

Today I wanted to touch base on the fifth and final element which is site inspections. Site inspections are fundamentally important to the early success that Blue Dog Cranes has experienced. I believe that they are right up there in the reasons that our guys come across so professionally and with an engaging attitude on lift day. Site inspections ensure that our customers get the job done the day that it was meant to be done. After our initial conversation on the phone, I like to head out to the site to meet you or call you when I am there. There are a few things to run over during inspections which you need to be onsite to grasp and can’t be envisioned otherwise, ie. Environmental factors, the neighboring relationships. It is at this time I am able to properly define crane suitability and site preparation for lift day.

During inspections, we are able to see where the footprint of the crane is going to go and how we are going to make sure that we fit. I discuss with the builder/customer what needs to be moved and how the job needs to happen. We also talk about factors like a lift plan, how that is going to go, truck timing, whether we need traffic management, whether we need a spotter… all these factors can be dealt with ahead of time so we are not wasting any time on the day.

I also find that by being able to talk to our guys the night before and run through how I see the job going, although they may do it slightly differently because they are experts in their field gives them time to mentally prepare and have a picture of the job in their head. So when they roll in on lift day there are no surprises. I find this keeps the mood between the client and the crane crew far better and far more productive. So that is why site inspections are so important. They are free and after we have met onsite or spoken on the phone and I have told you that it is not a drama, that is the last time you guys should worry about the crane.

Lift day is something to look forward to.

Call Ben to discuss your crane needs, or email Samantha.