We are doing what we said we were going to do.

We had a truck stuck on the side of the road last week and Ben went out late to meet the mechanic to analyse the situation. Ben filmed a ride along on the way out and gave us some insight on where we are placed right now with the business.  

“I don’t always leave my warm home at 9pm to drive to Laverton, when I do it’s to visit a broken down truck on the side of the road. 

I was just thinking about a boss I used to have (back when I drove cranes for a living). Every time something went wrong he was closing the doors. If we got rained off, he would say “this is bullshit, I’m just going to close the doors”, if the pay wasn’t right, “argh I’m just going to close the doors”. 

We are so different (at Blue Dog Cranes). I said to my guys the other day, things are looking pretty shit, Sam and I have to work pretty hard to make sure we come out on top. You guys don’t really have anything to worry about though because you will be right there until we are either successful or bankrupt. There is not really any point in bullshitting to your guys. I need operators and dogman to run the gear when it goes out so even though times are tough, they are absolutely imperative to our success until we come out the other end and really kill it!

A lot of what we have done in the last 4-years, I’ve had so many people ring me and say we are making a mistake, and we don’t know what we are doing. I look at it now and I am so glad we have just done what we said we were going to do. The first year we were in business, Sam and I made $60k. We took $10k each and gave $10k each to each of our full timers. We got ridiculed for that industry wide, how stupid that was, we’ve been just as generous every year since. We have no cameras or tracking equipment in our cranes, another thing I’m constantly getting told off about and I know I gotta sort it out one day for insurance. But I don’t need to track and I don’t need to film because I’ve got this awesome team who have got my best interests at heart all the time. That is such a great thing to go out and do business when you know your guys are just out there trying to succeed and do it for you. We really don’t need to track them or worry about what they might be doing. They even have my credit card. Another thing people keep telling me “you just can’t trust people with that”. But, I trust everyone until they break that trust. 

I’m glad I don’t listen to people telling me how I should do things because I reckon its going pretty good. Gotta keep our heads down and make smart decisions at the moment but we are still consistently out everyday working for fantastic people who are still consistently out everyday. That is the Bilateral Success we talk about, we actually give a shit, we want our customers to do well. If they do well, then we do well. We want our staff to do well, they do well, we do well.  It’s just not rocket science. I don’t care if people think it is the wrong way to do business, I don’t care if you think you can’t trust people, cant tell them the truth, like telling them how valuable they are to us. 

You guys keep doing you, we’ll do cranes”.