Building & Construction Crane Services

At Blue Dog Cranes, we’ve mastered so much more than just crane hire. When you work with us, you tap into our 20+ years of industry experience operating cranes on Melbourne construction sites.

Building & Construction Crane Services

At Blue Dog Cranes, we’ve mastered so much more than just crane hire. When you work with us, you tap into our 20+ years of industry experience operating cranes on Melbourne construction sites.

Every time you choose Blue Dog Cranes, you’ll benefit from our industry-leading preparation and site inspection process, ensuring we understand the logistics inside and out. We get the details locked in ahead of time to ensure there are no costly delays to construction.

Let’s face it, you don’t have time to work with cowboy operators who show up unprepared or with the wrong equipment. Whenever you need crane hire in Melbourne, Blue Dog Cranes are the stand-out choice. We supply the expert operators, riggers and ticketed dogman to oversee the site – or we work with yours for a seamless result.

Blue Dog Cranes supplies a complete mobile crane solution, right down to traffic management as required. If your needs are completely unique, we tap into our extensive industry network to find the answers and source any specialised equipment required.

Our experienced team commit to solving your toughest problems and meeting challenges head-on. We back our capabilities 100%, and once you’ve seen the Blue Dog team in action, we’re certain you will too.

Commercial Building Crane Services

Blue Dog Cranes is Melbourne’s most reliable crane hire company. Our expert team is always prepared to assist with the delivery and lifting of building site materials, demolition waste and more.

We can also provide crane services for the installation of tanks, heavy equipment and plant for commercial construction. When you need to hoist an industrial air con unit into position or get roofing materials up to where they’re needed, the Blue Dog team are ready to step up and get it done.

We have a versatile fleet of cranes ready to roll, but if you need something even bigger, Blue Dog Cranes can still achieve the results you need. For especially large commercial works and developments, we tap into our industry network to make sure we deliver.

That includes sourcing the necessary equipment for safe and secure lifting, including, but not limited to:

  • Window / Glass Lifting
  • Material Cages
  • Trakmats / Bogmats

When needed, specialised equipment can be hired to enable the completion of works, including tracked carriers and other access/lifting machinery.

Getting the job done right is about so much more than just crane hire – Blue Dog Cranes delivers the cranage, logistics, manpower and the expertise all in one neat package. Take advantage of our industry-leading service and dedicated team, no matter how big or small the task.

If you need crane services for commercial construction and development in Melbourne, talk to the team at Blue Dog Cranes.

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Residential Building Crane Services

Whether it means squeezing into narrow lots or working on complex multi-storey developments, residential construction can be challenging. Whatever site constraints you’re facing, the team at Blue Dog Cranes are here to help.

From our Terex Franna crane for simple pick-and-carry jobs to those requiring dual-crane lifts, the Blue Dog fleet tackles the most challenging residential development crane needs with ease.

Our experienced team of crane operators, riggers and spotters can carry out an enormous range of crane lifts, from building materials and structural components to finishing touches and large fixtures. The Kato MR-130 crane is perfect for close-proximity lifts, hauling tubs, spas and other bulky loads up to higher stories and keeping your project’s timeline running smoothly.

With no dramas over tight access, several of our cranes are sized to fit into Melbourne city and suburban streets – and we can even take care of traffic management, giving you an end-to-end crane hire solution.

If you need some extra muscle on your residential construction site, get in touch with Blue Dog Cranes today.

Structural Steel Lifting

If you’re working with a tight construction timeline, you need Melbourne’s best mobile crane company to keep your project on track. Blue Dog Cranes specialises in crane hire for structural steel lifting on both construction and infrastructure projects.

Lifting roof sheets, trusses and housing frames is all in a day’s work for Blue Dog Cranes and the versatile Liebherr LTM1030. Along with our highly qualified and licenced crane operators, this versatile machine is perfect for erecting and lifting steel building frames, beams, roofing and all other varieties of structural steel.

With lifting capacities between 7T and 60T, our versatile fleet has the power to get it done. For all your structural steel lifting and installation needs, the team at Blue Dog Cranes are here to assist, and we do our homework to make sure every detail is planned out before the day.

Why Choose Blue Dog Cranes?

What sets us apart from other crane hire companies? You’d be hard-pressed to find a more experienced crane company in Melbourne.

Honest &



Timber Lifting

Blue Dog Cranes is here to help with lifting, delivering and relocating timber of all varieties, including trusses, beams and structural timber. Large and awkward beams for residential and commercial construction are no match for our powerful and versatile fleet of cranes, along with the experienced Blue Dog team.

Even on tight sites, the Blue Dog Cranes crew have everything under control. We always put safety first with thorough site inspections and lift planning, ensuring there are no surprises or unexpected issues on the day.

For all your timber haulage and lifting needs, talk to the team at Blue Dog Cranes and benefit from our industry-leading customer service. No job is too big or too small for our capable and highly trained crew.

Equipment, Machinery & Plant

The Blue Dog fleet is prepared to tackle all pick-and-carry crane services, relocations and installations. For all your factory and industrial crane needs, we’re the hassle-free mobile crane service with the right equipment for restricted sites.

Our highly trained staff put safety first, ensuring your crucial equipment can be installed or moved without incident. We take the time to understand the task at hand down to the very last detail, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring a cost-effective result.

Access can be tricky when it comes to industrial sites, but tackling confined site areas is all in a day’s work for the Blue Dog crew. Our fleet can assist with relocating heavy machines, agricultural equipment, workshop machinery and plant across a wide variety of sites.

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Shipping Container Relocation

Shipping Container Relocation is very specific to the site, the conditions and the weight of the load. That’s why Blue Dog Cranes have the perfect solution for your site requirements.

Our capable fleet includes the 20T Terex Franna crane, Liebherr LTM1030 crane and the Liebherr LTM1060 crane, all of which can be used to move shipping containers in Victoria. The Blue Dog team are the experts across every scenario and site arrangement, so we can give you some handy advice on which crane solution best suits your needs.

Challenging jobs are no problem for our versatile fleet and hardworking operators. When you need to lift a shipping container over a building or move it from a site with limited access, that’s where Blue Dog Cranes excels.

If you’re moving a shipping container within the same property, our 20T Terex Franna crane is the pick-and-carry partner you need. From construction sites to vacant lots and commercial premises, wherever you need a shipping container lifted and relocated, the Blue Dog team can assist.

Panel Rotation & Installation

For safe, efficient and reliable panel rotation and tilt-up, you can count on the team at Blue Dog Cranes. Our Terex Franna AT20 crane is highly suitable for precast panel work on commercial and domestic construction sites, including prefabricated panel erection and rotation across Melbourne. 

When it comes to rotating panels for tower cranes on Melbourne construction projects, each of our team is highly trained. We always do our homework ahead of time, ensuring we understand the logistics and site conditions back to front.

That means we’re always prepared with the right crane for the site and the dimensions of the concrete panel or wall. Work Safe procedures are followed to the letter and we coordinate effectively with other personnel on-site, including tower crane operators.

Blue Dog Cranes are the trusted choice when it comes to precast panel rotation in Melbourne. We leave nothing to chance, putting safety first on every single job. We always work to the highest standard, which is why clients come back to us again and again. 

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Shed Erections & Relocations

Blue Dog Cranes are your go-to crane hire experts for sheds, outbuildings, site buildings and granny flats. We do it all, and in true Blue Dog style, we execute every lift with maximum safety and efficiency.

Our capable crew can tackle even complex multi-crane lifts when erecting a new shed from the ground up. We can provide all equipment and rigging required to work with prefabricated components for efficient shed and portable building assembly. You can count on our experience and extensive site preparation to ensure your shed construction is both safe and sturdy.

Our fleet has the lifting capacity to move oversize site sheds, container buildings, demountable sheds and portable buildings. These heavy loads are in safe hands when you trust Blue Dog Cranes to do the lifting.
As the tight access specialists, you can have confidence in our highly qualified and experienced team.

Culvert & Tank Installation

Need a residential or commercial water tank installed? We’re the go-to choice in Melbourne for water tank lifting and placement where site access is a challenge.

Blue Dog Cranes can assist with the lifting of oversized tanks, particularly on difficult-to-access sites. With years of experience in water tank installation across a huge range of site conditions, you can be assured we follow the highest safety standards, protecting your investment and your property when moving water tanks into place.

Another specialty we have at Blue Dog Cranes is culvert pipe installation. Culverts and storage tanks are no match for some Blue Dog muscle – you can count on our experienced team for safe and hassle-free tank installation.

We take safety seriously

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Demolition Crane Services

When you’re involved in a large-scale demolition, project, whether it’s a residential or commercial building, you’ll need a reliable crane operator to assist with many elements of the job.

Blue Dog Cranes coordinates effectively with the demolition team and other personnel on-site, providing crucial access and effectively hauling heavy demolition waste for removal.

Demolition sites are some of the most challenging to work on, so you can rest assured that all our staff are up-to-date with all WH&S training, follow site procedures and requirements to the letter, and undertake thorough planning and site inspection before any work begins.

To discuss your upcoming demolition project, contact the team at Blue Dog Cranes today.

Why Choose Blue Dog Cranes?

What sets us apart from other crane hire companies? You’d be hard-pressed to find a more passionate & dedicated crane company in Melbourne. From the first point of contact, you’ll know you’re dealing with the best in the business.

Highly experienced and detail-oriented

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we make sure no detail is overlooked. Our professional team coordinate with all parties on site and all other stakeholders including transport companies and construction crews.

Honest, reliable & skilled team

We have the highest standards for each and every one of our staff. Each person on the team is someone we can stand behind 100%, and every employee supports our core values: honesty, fairness and transparency.

From our riggers to operators and spotters, we keep our team’s training up-to-date and constantly invest in our crew’s capabilities.

Always prepared, keeping your timeline on track

At Blue Dog Cranes, we get the details of the job locked down well before the day of the lift. This means we always arrive with the right staff, the right equipment, the right paperwork and the right crane for the job.

We always provide site managers with insurances, SWMS, personnel licenses and inductions upfront to avoid any delays.

Versatile and well-maintained fleet

Our cranes are the tools of our trade and – aside from our incredible team – the basis for our success. This means we go above and beyond to keep our fleet in top condition. We follow a rigorous inspection and maintenance schedule for your complete peace of mind.

The bottom line? When you talk to Blue Dog Cranes, you know we’ll get the job done, and we’ll do it right. When you need mobile crane hire in Melbourne, don’t chance it with any other operator – get in touch with the Blue Dog team today.

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