Domestic Services

When you need a lift in Melbourne or the surrounding regions, you know who to call. Blue Dog Cranes are your local crane hire experts, ready to lend a hand with all kinds of residential and commercial needs – from pool and air-con installation to safely removing unstable or fallen trees from your property.

General & Domestic Crane Services

Every time you deal with us, you’ll benefit from our industry knowledge as well as our highly trained team of crane operators and riggers. We can even provide electrical spotters and a ticketed dogman – everything you need on-site to meet WH&S standards. Alternatively, our team can work with your on-site staff to ensure the job is completed safely.

If specialised equipment is needed for the job, we’ll source it ourselves using our extensive industry networks. We can even arrange for traffic management to be carried out, essential for those inner-city and suburban crane services.

From our versatile fleet of mobile cranes to the gear, personnel, permits and planning, we take care of everything that’s needed to tackle the lift with confidence. Put simply: you do you, we’ll do cranes.

Pool Installation & Removal

One of the most common crane rental services we perform is pool installation, whether that means hoisting a rooftop pool to its destination or installing a pool where site access is limited. Blue Dog Cranes has years of experience lifting plunge pools, spas and pool equipment (such as heaters) safely and securely – including pool removal on narrow sites without side access.

We provide all the equipment and the manpower to safely install your swimming pool via crane, including our licensed crane operators, riggers, electrical spotters and dogman to ensure safety procedures are followed to the letter.

When hoisting a large and heavy pool or spa over your home or property, the risks of improper handling or corner-cutting are enormous. That’s why you need a mobile crane company that carries out thorough site inspections and plans every detail of the lift ahead of time, ensuring everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

When you need a crane for pool installation in Melbourne and surrounds, make sure you talk to Blue Dog Cranes.

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Air Conditioning

Blue Dog Cranes offers reliable crane hire services for all your air conditioning installation and servicing needs. Heavy HVAC systems can be a real challenge to install, particularly in Melbourne’s narrow urban or suburban streets.

The professional Blue Dog team coordinate effectively with other parties on-site, including air-con technicians, on-site personnel and construction crew. We make rooftop AC installation safe, efficient and cost-effective, even on the largest HVAC system lifts.

Our team can also perform safe removal of old or broken roof-mounted air conditioning units, with or without replacement. Large residential and commercial buildings will almost certainly require aircon installation via crane. And if site access is limited, you can count on our 7T Tadano truck mount or city class Kato MR-130 cranes to get the job done.

You can rely on Blue Dog Cranes for safe and efficient lifts across all commercial, residential and industrial air-con installations.

Solar Panels

With a growing number of Victorians choosing solar energy, Blue Dog Cranes are here to help with all your solar panel installation needs. Solar panels are just as heavy as they are delicate, and when it comes to lifting these bulky fixtures into place, you need to work with the team that will take care of your investment.

Our fleet of cranes and licensed crew at Blue Dog Cranes are the reliable choice for all your tight access solar panel installation solutions. Our city class Kato MR-130 crane can get into virtually any residential or commercial space to offer the service you need with experienced team members to ensure the highest quality work possible.

All of our cranes are fully equipped to raise panels of any size and weight, providing you with secure and accurate solar system installation. At Blue Dog Cranes, we don’t do anything by half measures. Before the job begins, our entire team knows exactly what needs to be done and how to do it quickly and safely, without risking damage to your new solar panels or injury to anyone on site.

That’s why Blue Dog Cranes is so highly recommended for solar panel installation crane hire in and around the Melbourne area.

We take safety seriously

Our Memberships and Accreditations

Plumbing Materials

With the help of our versatile fleet, Blue Dog Cranes provides exceptional access to difficult sites. When you need to lift plumbing materials to tall worksites or into areas without access, our capable and qualified team steps in to get the job done.

Where it’s unsafe or unfeasible for supplies to be carried or trucked in, we can even source tracked carriers to transport plumbing materials and other supplies to their destination.

We service commercial, residential and civil sites, including those with limited access, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of large pipes and bulk plumbing materials to difficult work sites.

As the tight access specialists, we have what it takes to get your heavy and bulky supplies where you need them, when you need them, every single time.

Trees & Landscaping

Tree removal can’t always be carried out in open areas with plenty of room for safe felling. Homes, businesses and roads are often in the immediate area when a tree is at risk of falling, making the issue even more urgent.

Disease and storm damage are factors that can greatly increase a tree’s risk of falling, posing a hazard to surrounding buildings and making it unsafe to cut down without the assistance of a crane. At Blue Dog Cranes, we aim to minimise those risks by offering affordable and competitive tree removal crane services. We can assist with tree removal in both residential and commercial areas, in and around the Melbourne area.

Blue Dog Cranes is well equipped with multiple tight access cranes, offering the ability to remove trees at risk of falling or fallen trees following Melbourne storms. Our experienced team is on hand with a versatile fleet of cranes at our disposal, able to remove the obstacle safely and efficiently to minimise interruption to the surrounding site.

The Liebherr LTM1030 is our go-to crane for tree removal services, as its long telescopic boom, double swing-away jib and advanced mobility keeps everyone on-site safe and secure throughout the tree felling process.

Blue Dog Cranes also provides crane services for all your residential and commercial landscaping needs, whether you need to deliver an established tree to a site with difficult access, install a statue or heavy water feature, or remove large rocks and other obstacles from your property.

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Pole Erection & Installation

Blue Dog Cranes are the trusted professionals to erect and install light poles, traffic signals, signs and more. The team at Blue Dog Cranes has a thorough understanding of proper rigging, bolting and pole erection techniques for a safe and secure lift.

With six versatile mobile cranes at our disposal, Blue Dog Cranes can carry out both single-crane and dual-crane pole installation tasks, meeting a wide variety of commercial and civil infrastructure needs.

We offer an extremely efficient mobile crane service based on industry best practices and over 20 years of experience in the industry. From the initial site inspection through to mobile crane hire, provision of all equipment, traffic management and personnel (including riggers, electrical spotters and dogman if required) Blue Dog Cranes can do it all at cost-effective prices.

Glass Panes & Panels

When it comes to crane services, no job could be more delicate than lifting glass panes and panels. Luckily, the expert team at Blue Dog Cranes has years of experience executing these tricky lifts with absolute care and precision.

Our experienced team and fleet of fully equipped mobile cranes can hoist glass panels for balconies, fences, bathrooms, windows and more, even where site access is limited. We take pride in our thorough preparation and communication with every party onsite to ensure every lift is carried out with absolute safety.

For complete peace of mind when lifting glass panels and fixtures, you can count on the expert crane operators and riggers at Blue Dog Cranes.

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Each multi-storey home, unit or apartment offers a unique challenge when trying to move furniture in and out. Here at Blue Dog Cranes, we are the tight access specialists, equipped with the tools, machinery and knowledge needed to execute any job safely, even in Melbourne’s densely populated suburbs.

Our cranes able to lift almost any heavy piece of furniture, large appliances and even big-screen TVs, and we ensure that delivery is carried out as safely and delicately as possible. Where access is tough, Blue Dog Cranes can offer efficient furniture lifting to upper stories with our 7T Tadano Truck Mount and Kato MR-130 mobile cranes, perfect to squeeze into inner-city and suburban streets.

Crane access is no barrier to our confident and experienced operators, able to work on tight sites with as little disruption as possible. Trying to move furniture up and down stairs risks injury, damage, and major problems for other people living in the building – and that’s if it fits in the stairwell at all.

You don’t have to part with your treasured antiques or king-sized bed to move into a new building – instead, you can rest assured that Blue Dog Cranes can offer a smooth and hassle-free furniture lifting service.

If you need mobile crane rental for furniture delivery or removals, get in touch with the Blue Dog Cranes team today for an estimate.

Accident Vehicle Recovery

In the event of a car accident, there are two things you need from a mobile crane service: a swift response and ultra-careful handling of your damaged vehicle. At Blue Dog Cranes, our fleet and experienced operators are ready to respond whenever we’re needed, performing expert vehicle rescue in Melbourne and surrounds.

Even in challenging terrain, our mobile cranes can recover vehicles of all shapes and sizes following a major accident or collision. With six powerful cranes in our fleet ranging from 3T to 35T in capacity, you can count on Blue Dog Cranes to retrieve your car or heavy vehicle safely.

If we don’t have the right crane for your lift, we will source it, and we provide all support personnel to operate safely, including expert riggers, electrical spotters and a ticketed dogman to ensure the work can proceed without incident.

When you’re in need of fast and effective vehicle rescue with the help of a mobile crane, talk to the Blue Dog Cranes team for an urgent quote.

Why Choose Blue Dog Cranes?

What sets us apart from other crane hire companies? You’d be hard-pressed to find a more experienced crane company in Melbourne. From the first point of contact, you’ll know you’re dealing with the best in the business.

Highly experienced and detail-oriented

With 20 years of experience in the industry, we make sure no detail is overlooked. Our professional team coordinate with all parties on site and all other stakeholders including transport companies and construction crews.

Honest, reliable & skilled team

We have the highest standards for our staff. Every single person on the team is someone we can stand behind 100%, and every employee supports our core values: honesty, fairness and transparency. From our riggers to operators and spotters, we keep our team’s training up-to-date and constantly invest in our crew’s capabilities.

Always prepared, keeping your timeline on track

At Blue Dog Cranes, we get the details of the job locked down well before the day of the lift. This means we always arrive with the right staff, the right equipment, the right paperwork and the right crane for the job. We always provide site managers with insurances, SWMS, personnel lisenses and inductions upfront to avoid any delays.

Versatile and well-maintained fleet

Our cranes are the tools of our trade and – aside from our incredible team – the basis for our success. This means we go above and beyond to keep our fleet in top condition. We follow a rigorous inspection and maintenance schedule for your complete peace of mind.

The bottom line? When you talk to Blue Dog Cranes, you know we’ll get the job done, and we’ll do it right. When you need mobile crane hire in Melbourne, don’t chance it with any other operator – get in touch with the Blue Dog team today.

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